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IncludeAppInfo and IncludePlayedFreeGames Not Deprecated


After some experimentation with the endpoints and the include_appinfo/include_played_free_games arguments, I found that these arguments are not deprecated. You just need to pass a 1 or a 0 instead of true or false to these arguments.
protected override Infrastructure.Objects.QueryStringDictionary GetParameterList()
    var parameters = base.GetParameterList();
    parameters.Add("steamid", SteamID);
    parameters.Add("include_appinfo", IncludeAppInfo ? 1 : 0);
    parameters.Add("include_played_free_games", IncludePlayedFreeGames ? 1 : 0);
    return parameters;
Another option would be to store IncludeAppInfo and IncludePlayedFreeGames as integers respectively just so that we don't have to evaluate the booleans later.